Advanced mouse and multi-touch trackpad

RC Trackpad supports modern multi-touch gestures, including most Mac OS X Lion style gestures, as well as some that are unique to RC Trackpad.

Complete with configurable mouse buttons for left, right and middle click, you'll never want to go back to a regular mouse or trackpad again.

Find and launch any application on your computer with ease

We designed RC Trackpad to automatically find programs on your computer and arrange them in a beautiful layout, just like iOS.

Applications on your Mac's dock or the Windows Taskbar are displayed in an easy to reach scrollable row so that your favorite apps are always just a quick tap away. Even add your own customizations.

See all running applications and windows in a snap

The beautifully designed layout arranges applications by the most recently used so you can quickly scan through all of your computer’s open windows and tap on the one you want to make active.

Tap and hold on a window or application thumbnail to quit, hide, minimize and more.

Customize your view

Match your mood with beautiful background photos and colorful abstract images designed specially for RC Trackpad.

Even use photos stored on your iOS device.

Encrypted and extended keyboard

RC Trackpad is the only trackpad app to support a fully encrypted keyboard so that anything you type, including passwords and personal information, stays secure.

The extended keyboard rows use an innovative, scrollable interface to maximize utility while minimizing use of precious screen real estate. Extended rows include keys for OS commands and navigation, numeric, function, editing, web browsing and media control.

Touch enable your computer with gestures

RC Trackpad supports over 20 multi-touch gestures, and you can customize each gesture with one of over 20 different actions to make controlling your computer a breeze.

Accomplish tasks with a touch, including smooth mouse movement, momentum scrolling, double-tap to drag, zoom and pinch, and much more.

Conduct your computer

Use RC Trackpad's built-in media panel to control music and media applications on your computer. The beautiful, minimalist design enables quick access to functions like play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, previous and next track, and volume controls.

Locked down

RC Trackpad connects to your computer via a secured connection using SSL with 256-bit AES encryption in order to provide privacy and security.

No other trackpad app goes to these lengths to ensure your computing safety. With RC Trackpad, you don't have to choose between convenience and security: you get to have both.

Get it now!

Available today on the App Store as a universal app for iPhone and iPad. Requires a free program, RC Helper, to run on your Mac or Windows computer. Download RC Helper here.

RC Trackpad 3.0

Or, try our free lite version and upgrade to the features you need when you need them.

RC Trackpad Lite